That Lonely Person Within

That Lonely Person Within

1 chapter / 13 words

Approximately less than 5 seconds to read


Winner of the Ink Haiku contest!! I wrote this to describe how people tend to feel alone with their own thoughts, isolated from the rest of the world. I'm sure we've all felt/or will feel this way at one time or another. (For all who commented/reviewed, thank you so much for the kind words and excellent advice!)

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20 days ago asid yah said:

What I read of this I enjoyed. The prologue was good, but I would advise against having the "Eleven Years Later" right in the middle of the first chapter.


21 days ago asid yah said:

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22 days ago brendon mccullum said:

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about 2 years ago Huda Memon said:

I really feel that you are a true writer. You were able to make so many people feel so many emotions with just a few words. I am truly amazed and loved this. It made me feel emotional and really connected with me. I truly think this is amazing and I love it :)


over 3 years ago Isabel Coyne said:

The piece was really good. I could easily get feelings from it and the imagery is amazing.