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Haiku about loneliness. Hope you like it. It's for a contest.
Wonderful cover made by Bushra S.


Writing, Poetry
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over 1 year ago Alexandr Lukin said:

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over 1 year ago Josiephina said:

short and sweet. reminds me of a lonely piece of pizza crust that nobody wants.


about 2 years ago glitter said:

Very powerful.

Red hart

about 4 years ago Rachel D. said:

Very powerful word usage. I wish I could heart this thousands of time over!!!!



over 4 years ago Vanessa Noakes said:

Well-written. Although, perhaps in your description, you may write where these thoughts came from. Is this your own feeling? Or what you have imagined someone else feeling? Keep writing!


over 4 years ago Jessica Lee said:

it's decent, and i want to be honest but i feel like you could have used a better choice in words. like instead of using everyone use universe... i don't know just a suggestion