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Even if no one sets out to exclude you, simple words can make you feel so alone...
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almost 2 years ago Amoretti Wolfens Ruskovitch said:

I am sorry, if I have ever hurt you, when I have used these terms in a joking manner.


over 4 years ago *britts-NAY* said:

Very interesting. I have yet to read an entry with this theme, so hopefully it will catch others attention. Good luck!


over 4 years ago Abby A said:

This creative, no one has written something like this which makes it very unique.


over 4 years ago Schuyler Sun said:

People can be so judgmental and mean sometimes. Whoever said words can't hurt you has no idea what they're talking about. I think you do a great job expressing such a deep idea without actually saying much at all. The flow is really beautiful too. Nice work, and good luck!



over 4 years ago Yours truly, Zong said:

Verbal abuse is the most common in bullying and it stings when harsh words are thrown at you even if the person doesn't mean it (You know what I'm saying?). I've never read anything like this so its very unique. Great job! :D