The Witches Tale

The Witches Tale

3 chapters / 2363 words

Approximately 12 minutes to read


This is what happens after disney movies ends for the witches



over 4 years ago Minnie said:

Wow, I really love his. It's very unique and the fact that it's Disney...Love it! This flowed really well and I think that a bunch of people would love it.

Thanks for the swap! XD


over 4 years ago Tina Kia said:

I loooove this. It is truly amazing. You've inspired me to not give up on screenplays!

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over 4 years ago Kelley Young said:

This was totally amazing and wonderful! I love love love Disney so I was really perplexed by this story. This had a great flow to it, but you may want to re-read it and check your grammar and spelling. Besides that, it was a great read!

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over 4 years ago Ava Gregory said:

Nice small twists make a book good, and this was good.


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