How I Died

How I Died

1 chapter / 1446 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


This is from a comic I have written about a pack of wolves. This was one of the last chapters in the comic and so I wrote it out. Hope you enjoy it.


Writing, Short Story



about 4 years ago Aennli Sky said:

Wow. I loved this! The ending was just awesome and even though this wasn't the whole story, you could still get the summary of the story. Amazing! Good job.


over 4 years ago anbe said:

Whoa, this is such a sad piece! Incredible plot, incredible moment, and I feel so gloomy right now! This is so beautiful and I stared at the last line of your story. Awesome. Job.

Ay dere

over 4 years ago Charlie Tucker said:

Alright this was good--really good. I almost felt like crying because it was so sad, yet so good. You do need punctuation's (commas) in a few places. And when you pause in the middle of dialogue, you should use m dashes. Like this for example: "Hello--" I smiled--"brother." But you shouldn't use uppercase letters right after a quotation. Does that make since? Overall, besides a couple of small mistakes, it was lovely! It felt like butter as I read the words off my screen. Good job:)

Nicki prof 2 2 2

over 4 years ago Nicola said:

Okay, this story was AMAZING. Your writing flows so beautifully and you captured the emotions perfectly. This made me tear up and the way you wrapped it up was just perfect. Lovelovelove it!!!


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