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You can't kill me.


Adventure, Romance, Novel



about 4 years ago Bethesda White said:

This is an amazing story!! It's kinda hard to understand whats going on though, since the chapters are scrambled. But then as I got to the ending things started to make sense, just a bit. =) It'd be cool to read the whole thing through without everything scrambled.

Me 1963

about 4 years ago Linda D said:

Yeah, there I was, couldn’t sleep for some reason, so I got up at 5am to read on Figment. I smiled in anticipation at seeing your story . But while I was getting things ready for the day, my daughter, Rachael comes in, sees it up on the screen and is sucked in and reads it all. So now that I’ve put in 3 hours at work, I’m on a break and can finally get to it.

This is compelling. The pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together to make the picture. Amy’s sardonic nature is amusing, yet tinged in sadness.

The doctors “scientific” de-humanizing of Amy is just chilling – yet there is a sad truth of some doctors who, in their fascination of the science of it all, treat people as an experiment of a theory they want to prove.

Pherson’s curiosity is genuine, yet he treats her as a person – I like him instantly.

I can just feel that the deception of doctors to the parents will be what puts Amy in her predicament – I ache for the parents already, just thinking about their child treated this way.

Just a small suggestion – Pg 10 – “A ring of doctors formed around me…” take out the “has” and make it active.

I love the line –“ I’m bled out of words” (Pg 12) – you almost don’t need the “So I stay silent” it seems self-explanatory.

Rachael 01

about 4 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Now, I’m going to admit something to you. I normally don’t like stories like this (they get WAY too confusing and make me feel like I’ve got a bad case of whiplash), buuut…oh, you know you saw this coming…yours just blew me away. I happened upon it and couldn’t stop reading it (read all 13 chapters). I want more, more, MORE! :D The MC, Amy, is an amazing character. You’ve given her so much inner fire, while still making her sound and look beaten and cold. *shiver* It’s so nice to see writing like this. I hope Pherson continues to help her (kind of hope he gets in trouble so she can help him…what? It’d be a cool way of showing her more human/caring side). I can totally sympathize with the whole “knowing the doctors chinks” thing. It’s a scary thing to know. You got it spot on. Please, post on my wall when you update this.


over 4 years ago Samantha Chaffin said:

Every chapter is so powerful, and hits you in a different way. You have such a gift for minimalistic writing. I wish I had that talent (teach me your WAYS). I LOVED Chapter 8. It packed such a punch, and every time I return to this story, I wish there were a million more tiny chapters! :)


Me 1963

over 4 years ago Linda D said:

1-7 - Another amazing story. Just such short capsules that pack such a wallop. Intriguing. Your writing, as usual, is captivating and precise, not a wasted word – just perfect. Read all the way to the “closed” chapters. Pgs 8-10

Pg 1 – spoke in the only voice I really care about. – what an intriguing sentence – at first I thought it was a mistake. Thinking, ‘how could she have “other” voices that she didn’t care for as much as this one’ – that it didn’t make sense, but then as I read on; beating heart of metal upon metal and…ah! She could have many programmed “voices” that she used, some she liked more than others. So again, great use of a simple line to pack an important “hidden” piece of info.

Pg 2 – Fire, you want to know…” did you mean “fine”?

I like Amy, I feel for her plight – she is sarcastic without being too cynical.