Stranger to Life

Stranger to Life

1 chapter / 12 words

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A haiku about loneliness for the Ink contest.


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almost 4 years ago The Faery Tarotist said:

Amazing that a few words can move you.


almost 4 years ago mjn100 said:

Wow. I love haikus, and this one was perfect! You perfectly portrayed that feeling lonely and friendless, the person who isnt accepted. Theres so much meaning in there. Very well written:)


almost 4 years ago cassidy said:

Very meaningful and you set a fairly powerful voice in such few words. Great job. :)


over 4 years ago LoLo said:

wowwwww. so few words, so much meaning :)



over 4 years ago Makii said:

I really enjoyed your topic and thought it was very accurate in portraying a theme of loneliness. The words were really smooth and well chosen, and I felt that many could relate. I mostly loved the first two lines and thought that the emotions were pretty raw and well displayed, though the last line I found to be slightly rough or something about it didn't agree with me, only a tiny part. In general, this haiku is great and I think you have a great chance in the contest!


over 4 years ago You'll never guess my username said:

This was very good, I liked how you described the place the main character is in as the dark. That was a lovely way to show how bleak and horrible being alone can be without using too much words. I also liked was that you used the words forever to show how time passes slowly for the character. It was a nice touch that you made the last line a question to show his/her doubt that she's going to come out of his/her loneliness. I think all these things illustrate what being lonely is like really well. The only piece of constructive criticism I could come up with for this poem is that it might be nice to use a different verb than standing for the first sentence (like crouching or hiding). It's good as it is, but crouching or hiding might show how the character is scared of the world (If your character is more angry than scared at the world that wouldn't quite fit) or is so alone that he/she seems to always be hiding herself/himself away. I'm not sure if you asked me at look at this for a swap or not, but I would appreciate it if you'd look at my Haiku for the contest to! It's called Wishing Hope Wasn't a choice. I'm not looking to win, since I can't get enough hearts to in time, but I'd love feedback!