Grimm Poison

Grimm Poison

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


I'm not sure if I'll finish/continue this. It's sort a bunch of classic fairytales smashed into one. Sort of. Not really.



about 4 years ago Emily Han said:

You must continue...


almost 5 years ago Carrie Soltner said:

No, no that can't be all you wrote! Please, PLEASE continue this! I would love to read more. Keep writing!


over 5 years ago Serena Riku said:

Good story!! i love retellings as much as the next person and its a great beginning to a retaling of snow white maybe? or in sleeping beauty if the witch made her eat poisned apples instead of a curse or did curse her but it didnt work!


over 5 years ago Morgan Manning said:

Great imagery! I love fairy tale retellings and this is definitely a creative start, I hope you write more. There were some spelling errors but that can be fixed with a quick edit. Really enjoyed the scene you set and the descriptions you used!


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