The Volitationer

The Volitationer

28 chapters / 23651 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


***COVER MADE BY Lauren Michelle***
RB--or Raileigha Beth--or even the Rule Breaker--is a volitationer. She, along with her friends, travel across the world helping people who need it, in order to keep balance. For RB, this is kind of a lifetime job, but she doesn't mind. No, not with all the action packed missions she does!
Soon though, a mission goes terribly wrong. And soon, she's asking, "Why do I have to break so many rules?!" Now strung out in the forest with nothing but a Prince and a backpack, she finds out things she shouldn't know, and ends up falling for people she shouldn't fall for. Long story short, there is one fact that remains:
She shouldn't have broken THIS rule.


Adventure, Romance, Novel



about 4 years ago Monica said:

Well done! I liked how well it flowed together and your vocabulary. It also went together well with the cover. Nice job!


about 4 years ago Michael Gunter said:

You asked for a review recently. I'll be happy to review it, though it may be a long time before I can get around to it. I'm still catching up on stuff that Caesar and Napoleon asked me to review. ;) One thing I can say right off is this: remove that authors note apologizing for the absence of "improvements". It instantaneously gives the reader the feeling he doesn't want to read it.

Glass orb

over 4 years ago luther h lane said:

Whoah!!! You sure added a LOT! That's great! I love the cover, but I haven't quite gotten to reading more of it. I'm glad to see how much has been added in.


over 4 years ago William Carter said:

Whoa, this is long. Ha ha. :D

I like the detail in the beginning, and how you're unafraid to add memories in there. Awesome job! :D



about 4 years ago J.C. Kingsland said:

SOO much better than the last time that I read this. I'm very impressed with the changes that you've made. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the finished project. Happy writing < 3


over 4 years ago J.C. Kingsland said:

I agree with what a lot of Queen said below me. It is a virtually emotionless piece. I felt nothing for any of the characters and I feel like if you want to publish this eventually, then you're going to have to reconfigure a lot of this. People aren't going to want to read something that doesn't make them experience anything after they put it down. Also, I'm very confused on the setting of this. Is it a dystopian/post-apocalyptic society or a present-day, modern setting? Please make this more clear to your readers. Now, that all being said, I think that you could potentially have something great here. I hope you don't mind me being so blunt, and please take everything with a grain of salt, because I'm only trying to help you, writer-to-writer. My personal advice for you is to walk away from this for a week or two. Take a break, but DON'T work on a different piece, because that bon't help you at all. Just take a breather and continue your normal life, and when you come back to this, sit down and be less serious with it. Let the story write you. Best of luck and happy writing