The Secretively Boisterous Butterfly

The Secretively Boisterous Butterfly

290 chapters / 24379 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


The following poetry is the spilled ink of a butterfly learning to spread her wings. They are the broken fragments whispered by someone who has a lot to say, spoken through a shy exterior. Poetry and short stories that shows glimpses into the life and feelings of someone who has so many sides to them. The poetry is the rhythmic beat of the heart.


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almost 4 years ago Ingrid Hemming said:

I haven't read the entire thing yet,(Because its SOOO LONG!) but its cool!


about 4 years ago Riley Paige said:

I looked at the word count and I was like, oh wow. BUt I began reading saw that this story not only drew in the audience but completely got me hook'd!! This has great potential I would acutally consider publishing this when you're done!


about 4 years ago Briana M. Mason said:

Why thank you! Sorry it's taken me so long to get to reading yours! I'm really glade you decided to make one!

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about 4 years ago Rowena said:

I had to stop stalking you long enough to say that I loved "Just Imagine" :)


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almost 4 years ago Ingrid Hemming said:

I haven't read the hole thing yet, but its great so far.Now since I'm me, I'm not gonna leave a "fluff" review.

Okay, i think on some sentences the rhythm was a bit off, but that's just me. I also don't like how intensely long it is, because if you want people to read through your book/poem, you might want to make it shorter. Because people are lazy! They're gonna be like: "Oh this sounds nice bbuuuttt its really long… i just won't bother." So yeah, that's what i think. But its nice! good job!


almost 4 years ago Elizabeth said:

I only had time to read the first three poems, and because I don't like it when people give me "fluff" reviews, I thought some constructive criticism might be in order.

In the first poem, you said "Out of my gazed eye," which sounds kind of weird. Did you me "glazed"? Or perhaps "gazing"? And the commas at the end of every line interrupt the flow of the poem. If you got rid of them, the rhythm would be much smoother and more natural-sounding.

The second poem was perfect. I didn't find any mistakes.

In the third poem, you said "How much eat or how loud I speak," when I think you meant "How much I eat or how loud I speak." It's easy to make that kind of typo because your brain fixes it for you, so you assume the "I" is there when you read, but upon closer examination, it's not. Does that make sense? :)

I'll try to come back and read some more poems by you! You're really talented and I hope you get the recognition you deserve! Happy writing!