The Three Staves

The Three Staves

2 chapters / 3333 words

Approximately 17 minutes to read


Rosalind, a freshman in college, thinks her vivid dreams of a mysterious and magical place are just the inventions of her own imagination, even as they begin to feel dangerous. But when one man from those dreams shows up in her real life, she wonders if those experiences might all have been real...


Fantasy, Romance, Serial


Pink sky tree

almost 5 years ago Annie E.B said:

This is intriguing; I love your writing style.


over 6 years ago Spinner Beech said:

I would give you a review, but I have nothing but praise for this so far! The main character's reactions to things seem believable, and you have a nicely detailed way of writing without bogging the story down with too much description.


over 6 years ago Tangerine said:

Amazing idea; I've always loved dreams...keep going, it's great!


over 6 years ago Hannah Clove said:

This is very good! I love the suspense :)


Painted liz

over 6 years ago Liz Evans said:

Oh No! What happens next?! THis was a great read. I enjoyed how it was very fast paced so there was no overly descriptive passages. I'd like to see more relationship building between Ros and Mark. It all seemed kind of sudden that in the real world he's just blurt out about the branch and the dream world and what not to a girl he'd just met. Or maybe she just instills that kind of trust in pople. None-the-less, I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to what happens next.