Wherefore Art Thou?

Wherefore Art Thou?

1 chapter / 523 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


This is the piece to read if you're going through an identity crisis. At least, I would like to think this is the piece to read. I'm sure everyone has something they might reccommend as the piece to read. I'm sure some people don't even really read. But in my humble opinion, this is the piece to read if you're going through an identity crisis. I know I do.



almost 6 years ago Jana Wilde said:

absolutely lovely . . . so eloquent. I read ALOT, but some things I forget as soon as I am done. However, this kind of writing is definitely something worth keeping. Thanks!


almost 6 years ago Seraphina Loukas said:

Absolutely inspirational :)

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over 6 years ago morrisey said:

learning a name depletes the special not-knowing of mystery. Id rather always be in the dark. Great writing


over 6 years ago Adagio said:

I've no words to describe how great this is. Well thought-out and executed. Appeals to the identity deprived in a way so seamless that--.

I'll stop there before I write a book. The point is~ I really like this.



about 5 years ago Trevor Morgan said:

After reading this I spent half an hour dry heaving in the bath room. Things like this really make me lose hope in the structure of society. As if everything I ever believed came tumbling down. "Wherefore Art Thou?" seems as if it was written by me when I was in my Classical Phase in the Second Grade. I have to hand it to you though, it must of been a great effort to google a Shakespeare quote and slap it on your badly written essay.

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over 6 years ago Celestine Co said:

Sorry I had to read this one for the swap, but I didn't know I'd be so busy this weekend (including today)... yeah, it's 12 right now xD. Any ways, I still can't believe what I just read. I know there was a deeper meaning to it, but the story was essentially based around a name, or names in general. But the way you wrote it was so beautiful. No, that's an understatement. And I'm not just sugar-coating either. The words you used created a unique sense of iamgery in my brain. I, for one, was never able to comprehend or understand much of Shakespeare, but this? This was amazing. You have talent John, and you use it well :D.

Oh. And my name is Celestine.

Celestine Co, to answer the question ;)