Where Does She Run?

Where Does She Run?

1 chapter / 126 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Yes, "She" IS me. I thought I'd give 3rd person a try, though.
Notice emphasis on the words 'were' and "Prince Charming" towards the end<//3


Writing, Romance, Poetry



over 6 years ago Jaxx Capta said:

This is really good, Shannon!


over 6 years ago Roberta H. Shapiro said:

I really like how you wrote it and the message you inserted. Great job with putting yourself as a girl, and making this in third person.


over 6 years ago Jessyka Bourbeau said:

Another chilling poem. You seem to know how to capture your emotions in words perfectly.


over 6 years ago NotAnna said:

This is *so* sweet and good and awesome...


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