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My name is Cinnamon. Named after my mothers love of the kitchen.

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about 4 years ago Jade Clark said:

omg what


over 5 years ago Hans said:

I want more! LOL I know this isn't a popular piece right now, but it's awesome! I burst out laughing a couple times, I want more xD

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over 6 years ago Lauren(: said:

Thanks for the 13th like! :D

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over 6 years ago Lauren(: said:

Thanks so much! :D


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about 5 years ago sugarplum said:

I admire the way you wrote the relationship between her mother and Cinni, it can be very difficult to write family relationships...and I love the classic brother-sister hate thig, though you might want to come up with/write it some reasons as to why they dislike each other so seems rather random. also, Sage talks more like a 15 year old than a 10 year old...he's still young, you might want to portray that somehow. also I spotted a few typos, such as 'tottaly' (is totally) and some of your 'theirs' should've been they're. but I loved this story and can't wait to read more! chandler sounds interesting,you could do a lot with that...anyways, can't wait to read more!! great job :)

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over 6 years ago Lauren(: said:

Thank you!