Anything Can Happen

Anything Can Happen

8 chapters / 9607 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Jamie: A nice girl but doesn’t really know how to have fun. Who can help her learn to break-free and go just a little over the limit?
Broady: An outgoing, edgy and superstitious guy. No one ever knows his next move.
Dave: Rude, conceited, cocky and can come off as an offhanded guy but at the end of the day, could be a sweet person.
Jonathan: The biggest flirt you’ll ever meet and is unpredictable. Loves a good party but mostly
girls, the gym, and beer.
Olivia: An organic and vegetarian freak but is probably one of the sweetest girls. Originally from Indiana but loves the sun and sandy beaches in Cali!
Collin: Nicest guy on this planet earth and has the hopes of becoming a professional surfer. He always tries to see the positive side in everything and tries his very best being a good person.
April: Girly, can be rude at times, loves to party, dance, and model but can also hide a few good secrets.
Rocky: Always sees everything as a competition when it comes to standing out, rude, chill—a little too chill—and has a good way of scaring people.
Georgia: Best friends with April, loves to wear shorts and a tank top, rude but funny, has a small sense of humor but loves sarcasm, and is very easy for everyone to like.

With these nine crazy strangers living with each other for the summer, Anything Can Happen.


Comedy, Drama, Romance



almost 5 years ago Gabrielle Lugo said:

man if somebody cheated on me that would be it there would be no trust there and dang she was pretty harsh with colin I mean seriously


about 4 years ago Jacy S. said:

This was interesting. I liked the story plot and characters. The dialogue is very teenager, but that's not a bad thing if you've got an audience my age :P Good job and keep it up!


about 4 years ago Keira Casanova Hale said:

This is really good!!


about 4 years ago Lavender Lynette said:

A pretty good story with nice dialogue. The title is great, and I also really like the cover! I hope you continue pursuing your passion for writing! :)



about 4 years ago Anneka Wittenberg said:

Love the characters. Love the plotline. Here's my concern: sometimes with the teenager speech, you go a bit to... teenager-ish. Like when you say "She was all like," or "Uh, yeah". A bit of jargon goes a long way, but too much of it simplifies the story. Otherwise, you've got a wonderful story. It just needs a little fixing in the description.


about 4 years ago SpitfireSpine said:

I read the first two chapters. I think the idea and the scenario are very intriguing, but the execution could use some polishing. The tenses are sometimes confusing, and there are a few minor spelling errors. Other than that though, I like this, and the conversational train of thought is very individualized to the character. I think there's a lot of potential here :) Great job.