New Being

New Being

17 chapters / 11782 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


What if one day you found out you had no memory of who you were and that you were a Vampire. The only memory you have is of a mysterious man who seems to know where you are all the time.What would you do if you fell for a human who you had to lie to and protect at the same time? Having your memories slowly come to you, not knowing why any of this was happening. Hoping that the answers would reveal themselves in time.


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



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almost 6 years ago Rowan said:

I can't believe this!! I'm writing a vampire story too! AND I HAVE THE EXACT SAME COVER! I read the first chapter, and I like it, it kind of reminds me of the hook my vamp. story has. So weird!!! But I saw a bunch of errors, just sentences that didn't make complete sense, mispelled words and the last part of the first chapter is doubled near the end. I think you might have messed up with the cut and paste. It's at the point where it's kind of distracting for the reader. I highly recommend going through and fixing it! But this is cool, and you've got good ideas here! Thanks!


over 6 years ago Angela Funk said:

It got me reading from the very beginning. Its really good and well written!

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over 6 years ago Jamin Frear said:

Very well done with the 16th chapter keep going :)


over 6 years ago Summer said:

Wow! You hooked me right into ur book. It was really intriguing and a little dark for my taste vut the writing is admirable!



over 6 years ago Destiny Snyder said:

Love what you have written so far, look forward to reading more.


over 6 years ago Tee said:

Thank You, I try my best. I'm going to continue every step of the way.