Midget Love

Midget Love

2 chapters / 4549 words

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"If you're always going to put on that attitude, you'll never fall in love," she grumbled.

I swallowed, but didn't confess that I already had. Too bad it was with the one guy who'd only ever see me as an annoying giraffe.


At 5' 7", Rena Kimberley is the tallest girl in the freshman class. At 5' 1", Aaron O'Donnell is the shortest boy in the whole grade. When the two nemeses are shoved together with the same schedule and forced to endure one another's presence, they don't exactly see...eye-to-eye (pun intended). So why does everyone else seem to think they're perfect for each other?


This is a story of a girl too tall to be cute and a guy too short to be cool, who just might find that height doesn't matter when it comes to love after all.


[A fanfiction adaptation of the Japanese anime/manga "Lovely Complex". All rights and credit go to Aya Nakahara.]



about 3 years ago Myranda Hosley said:

this is really good :) Great job! Keep writing!


almost 4 years ago Sierra Frances said:

This was well written. But i think the girl should be 5'11" (my best girl friend was 6 ft in 9th grade) and then the height difference will be more obvious! i have a thing that if i can't believe the premise of the story, it doesn't matter how good it is bc i find it too hard to overlook. :) Write more asap!

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about 4 years ago Rose Cherie said:

Damn, if I dare say, I like this just as much as Picture Perfect. :) Aaron and Rena, I feel the sparks. Don't know about her and that new kid though. And just to spice it up a bit, you just try putting some chapters in Aaron's perspective. Huh? :)



about 4 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

Chapters 1-2:

So I finally got around to reading "Midget Love," and I really like it so far. Rena and Aaron are a hilarious pair; the witty banter going back and forth between them is amazing. I don't think I could have come up with so many ways to verbally play with their heights and this is only chapter 2!

I do agree with Meg on the height issue. 5"7 doesn't seem tall enough for Rena to be knocking her head into things. Having her be closer to 6" would make the comedy level that much higher (no pun intended) if she was taller. Of course, it's completely up to you, but I thought of that while I was reading.

I wonder if it's possible for Rena and Aaron to fall in love? Hmmm :) Keep writing!



almost 4 years ago INACTIVE ACCOUNT said:

Hi Katie!

Though this writing was awesome, I noticed a few mistakes that you might want to fix.

#1: In chapter one, you explained that Hollis stroked his pathetic excuse for a "bear". I understand that this was a total typo, but I believe it should've been beard. XD

#2: In chapter one, while Rena is talking to Aaron, she says, "Wait, don't tell me it seriously happened?" I believe that, since that comment was not a question, there should not be a question mark at the end. Just a thought.

#3: You explained that detention with Aaron was "possibly the only thing more fun than having a root canal done by a toddler operating a power drill". If you break down the sentence, you realize that, since the root canal scenario is rock bottom, anything in the world could be considered MORE fun than it. Examples are eating ice cream and watching your favorite movie. I think it might be more logical to write "possibly the only thing LESS fun than having a root canal done by a toddler [...]"

#4: Okay, this last one is short. When you explained one of Aaron's looks, you said that it was the "Gonna-lazer-beam-your-brains-out" look. XD This is hilarious over all, but the 'G' in 'Gonna' should not be capitalized because it is not a proper noun.

Happy editing!

Hestia I. Snow


about 4 years ago Avina Skye said:

aw it's okay, good luck with all your schoolwork! And I love Lovely Complex!!! ^_^ great story, keep writing~