Elements of a Broken Mind

Elements of a Broken Mind

6 chapters / 12514 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Psychics have no place in the detective world, but that doesn't stop Clear Angel from being a detective's secret weapon in the search for a serial killer who is kidnapping and holding women hostage.



about 4 years ago teatotalbooks said:

I love the idea and the way you've worded this its so cool! I can imagine it so easily!


about 4 years ago Heidi Angell said:

Hmmm... it must have been a glitch with figment, because it seems to be working fine now.


about 4 years ago Cocomoonshots said:

It won't let me read it!!!


about 4 years ago Trail of Glitter said:

I thought it was very interesting! This is great as a rough draft, and I agree with October. I saw a few things that need to be corrected, but this was still awesome! The characters, plot, details--AWESOME:)


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