Greek Gods and Where to Find Them

Greek Gods and Where to Find Them

7 chapters / 13749 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


The gods are not gone, we've merely forgotten them. The truth of the matter is you may have sat next to Aphrodite at a bus stop, passed Hermes on the sidewalk or made eyes with Ares in a crowded bar. Due to our need for one supreme, travel friendly God (capital G) we have tossed the others to the wayside...and they aren't happy. In fact, they're a little pissed off.


Fantasy, Novel



over 4 years ago Kate said:

This is amazing! I love greek myths and this is one of the best. I cant wait till you post more, please let me know when you do. The characters are great, I love it!

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over 4 years ago Sol River <3 said:

I really love this! The plot, the characters, and especially the humor in this is fantastic! Haha Mars Bars and ESPN with Hermes...I'd not change a thing, you should try to publish this; it's perfect! :D


over 5 years ago Miss Vivaldi said:

You're sooo good! I really love it!! please make Hermes have more appearances, he's my favorite greek god.


over 5 years ago Brian Tirrell said:

Allison, I've only read the first chapter so far but I've read say 40 posts and this is the first one that was really solid. The humidity and it's effect on the environment was a great example of quality writing that asks "if this is true then what effect does it have for my environment". Only thing that I could give for advice is use contractions more often when a character is speaking. It makes it more realistic, less formal. I have trouble with this myself, i am constantly having to go back and add them in. Good Luck, I am following you now and will read the rest of your work and let you know.



over 4 years ago Alexis Garrett said:

Your story is very well written. I love how the characters are so believable. I only noticed minor errors. Mostly you left out letters or miss placed pronouns. You used "her" in a few places instead of "here" and "me" where it should have been "them". Other than that, it was perfect and I look forward to reading more of it.

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almost 5 years ago Antonia M. Spano said:

OMG! This is soooo good! How long are you planning for it to be?