Sherlock Crack Fic- Fox

Sherlock Crack Fic- Fox

2 chapters / 240 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Just a random cracky drabble I had an idea for.
Sherlock attempts to deduce what the fox says.


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about 3 years ago Rae C said:

Okay, that was funny. I can actually see Sherlock resort to foxnapping for his research. The story was well written and I spotted no grammatical errors.

I would, however, love to see this continued.

Written worlds

almost 4 years ago Robin Waldie said:

This is hilarious! I hope that they do something like this on the show.


about 4 years ago Lauren Wiseman said:

Oh goodness! I didn't see chapter two coming (should have, but didn't). This was a great combination! I'm really impressed it was funny, but without forcing the humor. That's something I struggle with often...


about 4 years ago Emma Sneden said:

Good God, this is so funny! Mixing Sherlock and What does the fox say? That is awesome!


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about 4 years ago Ballykissangel said:

This is hilarious, I was just thinking about this today =p