Smoke, Rain, and Paper Hearts

Smoke, Rain, and Paper Hearts

53 chapters / 90667 words

Approximately about 8 hours to read


[FINISHED] A romantic YA (Young Adult) novel written by myself and the amazing Ash Naz here on

The story of Roy Rodgers and Quinn Hess, two lives melding together. They fall in love and stuff. It's funny too. Read it, you'll probably like it -- yeah. I love you! (Don't quote me on that - ever.)

© 2013 Eugene G. Black, All Rights Reserved


Romance, Novel, Comedy



over 2 years ago Lilith Alavander said:

THIS IS PURE GENIUS! I loved it. Multiple times my feeling were crushed but you some how managed to glue them back together! This was amazing.


over 2 years ago Ash Tokyo said:

You have a new cover???? It looks great!


about 3 years ago Khaleesi Stilinski said:

The description is good and i love the flow of the story. I am not good in grammar so I really dunno whats wrong here but I believe theres nothing wrong tho.


about 3 years ago Shannon Cole said:

Oh my gosh that was sooo good. I loved going on this journey with these characters. Overall an amazing story and it was so well written. I loved it



over 2 years ago Eugene G. Black said:

Just because something isn't written the way you would write it, doesn't mean it's bad. We wanted the story to focus on family as well as romance. Hence Roy spending time with his dad, even if it was in an odd way.

This is why I kind of don't like chapter-by-chapter reviews, because nobody who edits professionally does it. You have to read the whole book before you can really make a judgement.


over 2 years ago Juliet Hurwitz said:


Ash, I found Chapter 10 to actually be the funniest one so far! I caught myself laughing a few times. And by the way...yes, the Quinn-perspective is rapidly getting stale. I think you should only do that on HUGE PLOT MOMENTS from now on, if you do continue to do it.

Chapter Eleven!!!

Things I Liked!


Things that Need Work!

*Roy is starting to do the impossible by being Super Boy with serious injuries. It's not easy to believe anymore.

Things I Didn't Like...

*What was the point of the Dad on the Church? Was he just there to reminisce? Why was he on the TOP if that's all he wanted? I just saw that whole bit as filler space, or something to define Roy's dad. But currently, Roy's Dad is not a huge character and so this information probably isn't that important, and I am also having very worrying thoughts about this person! Are you running out of ideas to create chapters with?

Well, at this point, I'm unsure what to think.