The Cat That Faced Darwin's Wrath.

The Cat That Faced Darwin's Wrath.

1 chapter / 230 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A poem about running over cats.
Yes, you read that correctly.


Writing, Comedy, Poetry



about 4 years ago Lauren Gunter said:

Love it ! It's hilarious.


over 4 years ago Riley Maleau said:

As sadistic and morbid as it is, it's also hilarious. :) nice job.


almost 6 years ago Beetle said:

I like your rhyming!


almost 6 years ago Ronahn said:

Very Funny. I'm quite dark humored and enjoyed this. I liked how it was a non-serious poem, because I don't like serious poems that much. Fun to read and good job!



about 4 years ago Lauren Gunter said:

This poem was hilarious. I love it when people write actual rhyming poetry. In a few places the wording kind of threw off the rhythm, but it was still awesome.


about 4 years ago Michael Gunter said:

This is the funniest poem I've read in years! Pray continue, good author. Well rhymed, paced, worded, everything! The concept is hilarious. I only wish that my mind worked the way yours must!

I've never seen this particular style before, and will be following your work looking for more.