death poem

death poem

1 chapter / 28 words

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I did not come up with this! It was on a poster in a store in Washington.



almost 6 years ago Nancy Uddin said:

I love how profound this is. Great job!

Twins halloween

over 6 years ago Rose Sierra Blazfer said:

I really wish you could add on to this, because it's just sooooooo interesting, but even if you don't it's amazing GO POSTER! darn it I want that poster now... :P


over 6 years ago Natalie the Ninja said:

Sounds like a super cool poster! :-D


over 6 years ago Serendipity's Shadow said:

love it!! i want that poster now :)



8 months ago Victoria Wagner said:

Love this, good job talking about death.


over 5 years ago TreQuincy Drinker said:

I love life and how God gives it to me......and let Death has it own place and stay where its at