A Summer Stolen

A Summer Stolen

4 chapters / 3301 words

Approximately 17 minutes to read


Something happened to Christina Shae Mebourne that summer day at the school. Something that would light a fuse of chaotic events in Christina's life for the next year and a half. How she let it happen and how she's going to peice her life back together after all this time of it being in shambles, she doesn't know... But she's going to have to find out. (A work in progress, loosely based on a true story.)


Writing, Drama, Romance



over 6 years ago krystelle faulkener said:

Wow, the voice of the character is very powerful. I like the way she describes things and the emotions are very obvious. Nice job! :)


over 6 years ago Tangerine said:

Great job! I liked the description, and everything flowed smoothly.


over 6 years ago L. E. Kat said:

This is really sad but so good. I can't wait to know what happens next.

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over 6 years ago Elizabeth Belle said:

This was really interesting. It was definitely well written, too. I agree your grammar and punctuation was pretty good, which is sadly hard to find. You should continue this! Followed!



over 6 years ago Annalise Johnsan said:

For the large part, I really did like the story. I think the voice you've established for our character is very clear. Criticism: Watch your tense changes, you switched in the beginning of the first chapter. And try to show a little more than tell. I understand the character's mom is being, well, a bitch, but you should try to show it a little more so that the pain of the speaker feels more real. Maybe some more background on the two's relationship could help? The pace of this story is very good for the reader, it makes sense and doesn't get boring, so well done!


over 6 years ago Aryan "Ari" Wolf said:

This story really teleported me to this...place where I could actually be there in the character's thoughts and feel her surroundings. Very well constructed, and very awesome wording, I do not see anything that would change my mind to make me hate this story! It's compelling, exciting, scary, and most importantly, it's true writing(: I love it! Please, I beg you to continue with this writing!