Train Pedos

Train Pedos

8 chapters / 1861 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Some of the details of these stories have been changed to protect the innocent/make the sorrier funnier.

Some of these stories were simply a game of bus stop with friends and/or strangers.


Writing, Comedy, Memoir



over 5 years ago Faith Marbles said:

Sorry Anade, it's a note to my friend Lina! I was checking to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything.


over 5 years ago Sabrina W. said:

This was hilarious!!! I loved it!!! Keep writing!


over 5 years ago Kayla ReneƩ said:

I like this it's like a journal entry ha ha. I love the aggressiveness and how each story is different. Keep writing for sure! :] ( ps sorry it's late!)

Sam_0063 square

about 6 years ago B. D. Legan said:

OHMIGAWD! This was bloody brilliant! :DD I laughed so hard at a near constant pace throughout the entire book.. Haha, thanks for the laugh. :)

As for your half of the swap--something recent please.




over 6 years ago Joyce Von Turner said:

It was so cute and made me laugh. I loved your desriptions of the characters in the beginning. I love details and that helped me see it in my mind. In the first part though, I thought you used "school" too many times. I noticed a few grammer erros when you were talking about Lina. (cool name by the way, I like it!!) I love how u add in the bit about the weird rainbow dude having an accents, its things like that, that can really make a story! (in my twisted mind any way :P) Well done!! can't wait for moree!!