A Big Yellow Problem

A Big Yellow Problem

1 chapter / 142 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Something just didn't feel right.

Not really based on true experience :P



almost 5 years ago reillyyyy ★ said:

I really enjoyed it! In fact, I wish it was longer! I loved it!!!


almost 5 years ago Sowaibah said:

Very relate-able! Indeed it is a big yellow problem, love the title and how short and adorable the story is.


almost 5 years ago Kaitie Lysaght said:

Cute story. Lord knows this character isn't the only one who's had this problem. ;)


almost 5 years ago Maryam Al Shawab said:

I was really curious about what the big yellow problem was (good title choice) and the writing was great, it really made me want to know what it was and wanting to reach the ending ! simple but i like it !



almost 5 years ago Juna DePicorb said:

Title was enticing but the story was shallow. Very nice writing though(:


almost 5 years ago AbsolutelyAbbie said:

LOVE the title- it's very grabbing! I love how the mood is so dramatic over such a small thing! (Well, it seems like a small problem to me, anyway.) If you wanted to make this longer, you probably could! And it would still be great! (: