Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

1 chapter / 498 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


It's fast paced, will keep you guessing, and it has a cliffhanger ending. Oh, and did I mention it's told in second person?
**Just so everyone knows, I left it off with such a cliffhanger because I DO plan to extend it. It's just the contest word limit that's stopping me. :)


Summer hearts

over 4 years ago Summer Kingston said:

More please!


over 5 years ago Unknown said:

Amazing i really enjoyed it. Stories like these, should be everywhere.

Life 3-20-09 246

almost 6 years ago Blake said:

please keep writing!!!!!! :)


almost 6 years ago Tara Poppleford said:

Carry it on! I want to know who I love! Who is this Sam? Who is Caleb? Why am I in an Asylum? Arrggh, so many questions! :D Spotty x



over 6 years ago Kael said:

This short story is very different, but in a good way. It makes the reader want more all the time, they are at the edge of their seat waiting to see what happened next.

My advice would be to keep writing- you are seriously talented! Continue on this story and see where it leads!

Picture 114

almost 7 years ago Tim O'Reilly said:

This was a very interesting piece. It was certainly different, and I'm all for it! I love when an author isn't afraid to write the nitty gritty. Great Job!