Once Upon a Time: A Wonderful Nightmare

Once Upon a Time: A Wonderful Nightmare

27 chapters / 75048 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


"Upon the knell of the requiem bell,
Two souls battle for Heaven and Hell.
One an angel fallen from the mind.
One is a monster, spawned from time.
Love, lust, anger, rage drives them to the edge.
The bell hath tolled, and fulfilled is the pledge".

Emma Swan was just starting to think that her life in Storybrooke was starting to become normal or as close to it as possible, after she freed the town from it's latest curse and brought peace back to Storybrooke. But when a dead Explorer is brought back to life by the hands of a vengeful soul; the fear of the walking corpse is the least of her concerns. Is the town at risk of a zombie apocalypse? Or is he just a lost soul looking for a home? Is it flesh and blood he craves or is it the feeling of life that the Explorer truly hungers for? And Lastly, what message does this Explorer hold within his damage mind?


Kristiana forest

over 2 years ago Kristiana Forest said:

Can I have the access code?


about 3 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

I don't know what Once Upon A Time is... maybe a tv show? But anyhow I enjoyed your writing style. I found it very interesting. I noticed some missing commas and sentences that could be more concise. This is creative and the story moves along well. It doesn't open with much action for that wow factor that makes a reader want to know more NOW. You also switch from past tense to present tense.

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 8.04.27 pm

about 3 years ago Catherine Nevin said:

This is good, The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, and I think you did a good job here of portraying it. Keep writing!


Cool owl

about 3 years ago Amaros Gwyndwill said:

Great mix! I have to say that the plot isn't developing fast enough. If you made your story move faster, I think it would be more interesting. Also, you have 2 sections, I believe, one in the future and one in the past. Its slightly confusing. I think you should just keep the story in the present. Other than that, great job!


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