Abigail Secondchance

Abigail Secondchance

4 chapters / 737 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


everything was going smoothly for Abigail Thorn... until she,um, died.



over 5 years ago Aria_Lee93 said:

How do I read the next chapters? The first chapter was really good :)


over 5 years ago Allykat said:

Interesting story, can't wait to read more. It's a nice take on the whole guardian angel deal. I really like your main character's voice in this.

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about 6 years ago Anne Rayne said:

Poor Maggie! Please publish chapters 2 and 3! I love it!


over 6 years ago Miserable Existence said:

Haha, dying can certainly put a damped on anyone's day! Really creative idea and I just love the title - "Abiglail Secondchance". A really interesting protagonist and I can't wait to read your newer chapters once you release them!

Your fellow invader,

-Miserable Existence


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about 6 years ago Cecile said:

Really good, I love the narration :) Just a few things to note- "were" at the lake, not where "too" bad, not to Capatalize the F in "fine" and the M for "Maggie", the "S" in survived should be lower case I loved it, keep writing :)