Days of Adversity

Days of Adversity

2 chapters / 1012 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


*Not a Hunger Games Fan Fiction*



about 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

:o what's this? CURSE WORDS IN YOUR STORY!?!?! So gritty!


about 4 years ago Silkstone Blue said:

Soooo confused how this is not a HG fan fic. But all in all, I loved it! Amazing xx

-The Dark Lord Satan

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about 4 years ago Nelle Hirano said:

what What WhAt WHAT???? Ugh I was going to say something about how this was a little too similar to The Hunger Games for my taste, but it actually wasn't bad. And of course the plot twist there has me about ready to bash my computer! Great work, dear!


about 4 years ago C said:





about 4 years ago Desiree Rain said:

Oh. My.

This story was...

I don't even think words could describe. The beginning, just the first few simple sentences were enough to pull me in! It was something that pulls at the readers attention and makes them curious.

This was a rare piece to find and you my dear are rare writer to find. You have made such an amazing piece that captures just about every feeling you could feel and have intricately placed it throughout.

I have read some of your work before and you have amazed me every time.

The title is different... I like it!

My favorite line, is in chapter 2 when she talks about how Finn taught her to look up at the moon and that she sends her people into the woods after every one.

You have captured such raw emotions, that are usually so hard to imitate through writing, I mean wow! The freakin ending was a complete bomb shell. Finn? Why? lol

You will get a well deserved heart from me!

I had come here to read just another story that a possible amateur has written. But having not got what I came to find, aren't compared to what I thought. This isn't just another story and you are definitely no amateur.

Why Finn? lol had to through that in there again!

I can honestly say I find myself feeling proud that there are still decent writers left out there :) I would like an update when you add more onto this, as I will do the same as you have asked.

Thank you for considering reading my piece :)