Deceptive Eyes

Deceptive Eyes

6 chapters / 8145 words

Approximately 41 minutes to read


Twins Christopher and Raphael have never had any similar taste until someone appears in their lives: Emma. Christopher, romantic and tender, wants Emma for good. Raphael, ambitious and lustful, just wants her for a one night thing. What will happen when Raphael impersonates his brother in an attempt to get what he wants?

While the two of them fight over her, Emma has to deal with not knowing why Christopher changes so much. She's got no idea that there are two guys, not one.
Last day updated: January/05/2014
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Romance, Novel, Writing



almost 4 years ago Teresa Howell said:

I love it!


almost 4 years ago Daniela Alejandrina said:

Love this! Raphael seems very evil... Chris's character doesn't seem so appealing yet, but I can say that he's a sweetie ;) I love Em so far. While reading this I couldn't help imagining her as Victoria Justice lol.


almost 4 years ago Serena Grace said:

Oh my gosh, Raphael is actually really...evil-seeming, malicious...more than I think any teenage boy could be. I mean, yeah there are guys with probably worst intentions, but from your writing, I feel like he is really, Devil-scale bad. He gives me the creeps, which I guess is the feeling you're going with, I'm impatiently waiting for Christopher to say he has a twin and to be really careful, because at the very least she can be suspicious I was practically chewing my fingernails when she opened the door and I was thinking, "Don't be Rafe, don't be Rafe, don't be Rafe..." haha. I cannot wait for an update!!!!!

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almost 4 years ago Rose Cherie said:

Well,I kind of wantto kill Raphael for coming upp with a idea that stupid. (It was secretly genius though.)

And as for Raphael, I suggest you begin addinjg his POV in soon, just to spice up things a teeny weeny bit. :)



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