How the School Stole Christmas

How the School Stole Christmas

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A humorous poem I wrote to reflect the angst that comes with studying over Christmas. It's written Seussian style, and should not be taken all that seriously :3 Enjoy!


Comedy, Drama, Poetry



over 3 years ago Lily Fizzle said:

You have no idea, my friend, how much this means to me. The relations made to my own life are ridiculous! I mean, I think she's like my younger clone or something... 'cept I'm from Texas. :P Also i will think of this next year, the (apparently) hardest year in school. Thanks!


over 3 years ago Lauren Lewis said:

This so funny and cute. But a 5th year student having 5 essays to write? Dang! That sounds rough. Love this piece, either way. Congrats! :)


over 3 years ago Nunnally Drosselmeyer said:

Dearest Writer, How grateful I am to find a person who has flitter and flam! The words you chose so sweet and cold. It makes me want to speak in code! I may not be able to rhyme so well I'm still wondering what's that smell? The smell of genius the taste of victory. Hope you write again dearest writer.

-Nunnally K.G Drosselmeyer


over 3 years ago Alessar said:

This has me laughing and nodding the whole read through it- love this poem so much! It really captures everything truthful about exams and stuff and winter. :)



almost 4 years ago silveresque said:

This was fantastic! I love how you juxtaposed a playful, Dr. Seuss type style with the actual depressing nature of schoolwork over break. Honestly, you portrayed exactly how I feel right now with lot of humorous quirks, which I especially appreciate. The best part for me was all of the references; I was really excited when I understood Bismarck and calculus and whatnot. My only criticism would be the fourth line, when you say "and sit on this tack". For some reason, it seems a little off in the whole scheme of things, but it really doesn't hinder the writing or anything. Just a personal preference. Anyways, thanks for such a funny, connectable reading... now back to studying for me! :)