The Element of Fire

The Element of Fire

10 chapters / 16073 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


**COVER CREDIT- Jazlyn**
This is a tale about the Kingdom of Makir, a kingdom where the people practice the eight Elements and use these base Elements to connect to the spirits. As a second Great War threatens the kingdom, Enya Claron finds herself in the midst of it all as she is told she it the Fire Elemental. One of the great heroes of old who come at the time of Makir's greatest need. Believing at first that the Elementals were only a child's tale Enya must come to terms with her destiny and new responsibility as she defends her kingdom.


Writing, Fantasy, Serial



over 3 years ago Liora Nutella said:

Oh my god this was amazing! I enjoyed it so much! I really like your characters and the mood that you set and your way of description. :D


over 3 years ago Emily_Chet said:

The girl in the cover is a famous actress, Lily Collins

Erza 2

almost 4 years ago Neona Nyx said:

Is it wrong that Grevience is my favorite out of the princes.

almost 4 years ago Emily Harrenstein said:

Beginning drew me in like nothing else! This is really well written! In fact, I think I'll read more of it when I have the time! Great work!



over 3 years ago Alexandra McKay said:

Hey there! Also from Monsters, Magic & More! And I agree with what Cana said. It has wonderful potential! But is, perhaps, a bit too 'poetic' and detailed. The first chapter is good, and opens nicely. There were just a few punctuation errors, and like, ONE spelling error that a careful combing could bring to your attention.

The storyline is good and interesting and you seem to be carrying it out well, even just from the first chapter! Maybe...I feel almost like the King and Queen didn't react enough, but at the same time did. Maybe it was just a few awkward sentences? It also might help people if you perhaps shortened a few paragraphs or split them into shorter ones.

I don't have a problem with it, but others might get bored with powering through a long paragraph! (People tell me to shorten mine all the time, sadly.)

Anyway, well done! I hope that it keeps growing and developing into a beautiful tale~! I'll be keeping up!

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almost 4 years ago CrazyCana said:

Sorry it took so long to get to yours, but here is the review. I'm the owner of Monsters, Magic, & More!

Your writing style is very intriguing and poetic, but too much so. I'm sure you've been told this many times, but that first chapter seemed to have no life, if you know what I mean. I had to convince myself to keep going, maybe if you changed it up a bit to draw the reader in more. What you wrote was wonderful, you just need to make it so that in the beginning, they say, "ooh, I want to read this!" Trust me, I have gotten this advice a lot.

Your plot, as Emma said before me, the plot and characters are well introduced. The characters seem enticing, and the plot has a lot of promise! I encourage you to keep working on this story, as it could turn into something great! Good job, there.

Your spelling and grammar seemed good, I didn't spot anything to point out about it.

I love, love love the first sentence! "There are many a night where the stars tell stories of what has been and what will be." I think that line is GENIUS!

I am glad that you joined my group, as I will get to watch this story progress and turn into a work of art. Really good job, good luck.

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