Fifteen Nightingale Road

Fifteen Nightingale Road

23 chapters / 52897 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


For two years, following the death of her husband, Jenna Winters has been wandering aimlessly though life. When she sees the house on Nightingale road, she falls in love with it and decides it is time to put roots back down again. The house is perfect for her and her son, Ben.
It's home.
But as time passes, it becomes clear that the house is harbouring secrets and that not all of the skeletons are in the closet.

Cover by Queen of Starlight


Writing, Horror, Novel



almost 3 years ago Kay A. said:

I read the first couple of chapters and I love it! You put great details in your story. I love the suspense. I would love to read the rest when I get the time. I absolutely love this.


about 3 years ago caiusreese said:

I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to read this but man the second I read the first chapter I was hooked I couldn't stop reading I had to stop everything read the whole thing in one go it was sooo good! I really hope you'll add more soon :)

Captain goob-arica

over 3 years ago Susanna Torres said:

I'm one chapter in and I'm hooked! This is extremely well written and really interesting. I can tell this is gonna be good. :)

Utlamite drum

over 3 years ago Caitlin L said:

I'm going to add some things to what I said before. Chapter four When Ben came up with the name, is that foreshadowing? Does "Mine." refer to the house? Why were Pete and Joel whispering? Shouldn't there be comma between the thens? Chapter five Wouldn't "...a few years before..." sound better? Does the house have to do with their nightmares? Is the doll possessed by a spirit? Why hasn't she told him his father is dead? I think he could understand that at seven. Is Gwen a spirit, too? Chapter six Why doesn't it feel abandoned? Chapter seven The way he practically tackles people is interesting. It's funny Ben corrects Joel. The doll is creepy. Why does Ben scream at her when she suggests selling the doll? Is white thing in the pictures Gwen? Who is the man in the kitchen? Chapter eight Why did she get sick? Chapter nine Why did the doll move? Does the café owner know much more than she's letting on? The house seeming to have a mind is a bit creepy. Shouldn't "out" be "our?" The doll's accusation is bit creepy. Good thing it's just her and Ben, other people would think she's nuts! (I gave it another shot. Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for.)



about 3 years ago HT Fallen said:

Chapter 4:

The first paragraph is nice for scene-setting, but it feels a little choppy to me. You start off with a lot of pronouns, and I think that might have something to do with it? I'm not sure.

[The] wonders would never cease - maybe it's an idiomatic thing, but I feel like there should be a 'the' there

Oh no, poor Jenna. Nobody should have to go through that.

like lead[;] the blood, ice in her veins.

The tenses fluctuate a little between simple past and pluperfect. i.e. she screamed and pulled and tugged (simple past) until the neighbors had come (pluperfect)

As weeks went past - I feel like you could do without 'went' and make it weeks passed

it seemed safe to open herself up and touch the wound - I like this line. It shows her really settling into the house. I suspect that might be a mistake, but for now, at least she has that measure of comfort.

like left over balloon - I didn't get this. Maybe a letter/word is missing?

five[-]year[-]old son

Her ma sounds... attentive.

Joel is such a nice guy.

Ruh roh, we gots ghosties in the house. Great chapter! It's nice to get some insight into Jenna's background, where she's coming from.


about 3 years ago HT Fallen said:

Chapter 3:

I like your description of the paints. It's kind of fun to imagine a house in that many different colors.

had to live in it - nix the 'in'

Hahah, Joel. Quite wobbly indeed.

NO. When you find a doll in an attic, you absolutely DO NOT mess with it.

I[']ll have to give her

the--her--front door - again, this is just a suggestion. it felt weird to me, seeing it on separate lines.

What does Pete look like?

until [none] of them

mind [wandered] to the

That's cool about the stories with Aunt Rosemary. It's a nice touch to the story, but just a nice story in general.

a story, [M]ummy

Curious about Joel and Pete's little secret. Hope it turns out to be harmless, but one way or the other, I doubt it.

Poor Jenna. The honeymoon period can't last forever. Another great chapter, though!