The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer

15 chapters / 29295 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Warning: Novel in progress, may suffer severe changes. I'll notify followers for anything major.
After a mysterious declaration from God, humanity finds itself at the brink of extinction, having to deal with a brand new world and a fearful race to share the planet with.
Aria, trusted by one of their new rulers, is given a mission that will take her to all corners of the world.

Cover created by me.


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



almost 4 years ago Brittany J. said:

Your writing style is very impressive! The story you have started is very captivating and it will be very interesting to see where you go with it! Great job.


almost 4 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Ok, to be fair when you're reading mine, I only read the first five chapters so far of your novel-to-be-finished. I can see why you had to write the Author's note seeing how I can imagine a lot of extremely religious people offended by this premise. To ME though (being of not that religious), it was very interesting. The part I liked best of the whole prologue was where the narrator pointed out how humans sort of "broke out of the cycle" which I just found extremely true when you write it like that.


almost 4 years ago Lauren Fricke said:

Hello there. I've only read the prologue so far, but I plan to keep going. Right off the bat you caught my attention with the poem. Good job on it; simple but effective. I'm quite curious to see where the story goes. It's an interesting concept and I caught on the hook. I like how you were talking to the reader during the rest of the prologue, also. Good job so far!


almost 4 years ago Bekah Stogner said:

Holllllllyyyyy craaaaaaap. This concept is ingenious and your first chapter really grabbed me righr away. Your language here is just impeccable. Wow. As another reviewer said, this rings Screwtape Letters very well, and I loved screwtape, so I'm natuarally drawn to things like this. Well done, and good luck finishing!


Rachael 01

almost 4 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Of Arthurius III– Back for more. As always, the virtual trashcan is at your disposal (hehe…disposal, trashcan…get it?...and, yes, I am a bit hyper right now).


1) “You know now that this was a madness-induced creation…” – This entire line confused me. To me, it read awkwardly, thus drawing me out of the story, so I could try and mentally fix it. Perhaps, “You know now that this was a madness-induced creation. The wretched creature that is me, unable to withstand my Mission, doomed mankind.”??

2) “The first began approximately fifty thousand…” – Start of new paragraph.

3) “Year zero, as Christians call it…” – This whole sentence is rather long. Perhaps, you could find a way to make it two sentences, instead of one lone one?

4) “it plunged our species into the Dark Ages…” – Start of new paragraph.

5) “I find that a combination of the convincing…” – I think there might need to be a comma after ‘of the book’ and ‘when it was written’.

6) “We managed to break free of the cycle.” – I’d make this a sentence unto itself.

7) “We triumphed over the system.” – Start of a new paragraph.

8) Perhaps capitalized ‘eletronika’? Most eras and ages, from what I’ve ever seen and read, are uppercased.

9) “The system of trade in that era…” – Start of a new paragraph.

10) Perhaps “Third World War’ instead of ‘third world war’??


1)Man, what a way to end your chapter. Major cliffhanger! From an avid cliffhanger fan (but only if they’re done right), thank you.

Well, I’ve finished with my side of the swap. I love how all your chapters are short. Makes them much easier to read.

Rachael 01

almost 4 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Of Arthurius II – Back again. You know what to do with any cons I give. *holds out virtual trashcan*


1) “…and that’s where I’d like to begin.” – Instead of having this with the rest fo the sentence, I’d make it a separate one. “That’s where I’d like to begin.” I think it’d make it more dramatic and also stand out more.

2) “It is very likely It hasn’t shown Itself…” – I’d make this a new paragraph. Brings more attention to it.

3) “The omitted Seventh Day I call…” – Another sentence I’d have as the start of a new paragraph. Otherwise it’s just too long, for me.

4) “Why did It do it?” – Start of a new paragraph.

5) “They are something unavoidable, and the more…” – Start of a new paragraph.


1) You really got the despair of your MC to show through his words. I felt as if I were standing right next ot him or something. Poor guy (it is a guy, right?...not sure, the cover picture looks like a girl).

2) “How selfish it is, to doom mankind over the fear of madness.” – Hmm, interesting last words. Definitely reading more.