Through Frozen Eyes

Through Frozen Eyes

11 chapters / 9153 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


*GOING THROUGH EDITING RIGHT NOW* Elsa, a 21 year old girl with magical ice powers, wants to find someone like her. So, Jack Frost, an immortal boy who is a guardian also with ice powers, finds her. Read this heart-warming love story or if you're part of the RotG or Frozen fandom, SHIP THIS! Credit to Disney and Dreamworks for making these characters. Also, title and cover picture is made by me so credit to me.



about 3 years ago Eli Gordon said:


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almost 4 years ago Rachel 05/10 said:

Please keep writing this, its a great story line

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almost 4 years ago Amanda Wagner (OFFLINE) said:

Wow! I really liked this story. I couldn't read all of it because of the time I have, but of what I read I really liked it. I really like how you took ideas from Frozen, and Rise Of The Guardians into a creative story. :) good job :)


almost 5 years ago PandaAsiran said:

I love this idea, about Jack acne Elsa, but I think bits of your story were a little cliche. I think you should take it slower, instead of immediately getting into all the action. I also think parts of the original story were lost/changed. The guardians seemed to have lost their individual personalities. You could include some condescending comment from Bunny or an inspiring quote from North.



almost 4 years ago Beth Mclean said: link to trailer for it i made


almost 4 years ago TrippGalaxy said:

Okay so I like your concept, but this moves way too fast for me to even understand what is going on. You need to play the scenes out, set the mood and create drama, romance; whatever you wish to accomplish.

There were some spelling errors like when Kristoff past away, it should be passed.

You switch between past and present tense so you might want to watch that.