A Different Kind of Wonder

A Different Kind of Wonder

1 chapter / 502 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A poem about the dark side of growing up, and growing apart, as seen through Wonderland.


Writing, Poetry



about 5 years ago Lola The Lunatic O.o said:

AHHH! LOVE THIS! I originally read this like a year ago and then i forgot what it was called but i remember how it went but i just spent an hour looking for it because i want to read it at my poetry slam and I found it :)))))


almost 6 years ago Liberty J T said:

In the second paragraph, I would say: ...they have traded in their dolls for crying babies... You put the "for" on the line above which makes it get an uneasy kind of flow. Other than that, magnificent!


almost 6 years ago Cailee Goddard said:

I absolutely love this. It has such a great meaning. I've never thought to compare Alice in Wonderland to the actions of younger teens now a days. Great story. (:


almost 6 years ago A.S.M. Michellins said:

This is really cool. It's so full of depth and the metaphors are so sophisticated, the pacing is perfect, it's a really good poem. One of the better on this site, if you ask me.



almost 6 years ago Liberty J T said:

Also this: Others won’t bother to float. Some will dance with

The little oysters at the bottom, which make Change to: Others won't..... some will dance WITH the little oysters.... for better flow


over 6 years ago Jessie Todd said:

Very good poem Britt! I can think of a certain student body that would benefit from hearing it!