Long Live

Long Live

7 chapters / 14781 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


[The Allie Taylor Series #2]*WIP*

Crowned as the very first American Voice, Allie Taylor is finally living her dream. After eight hard months of work, her first album is finally done. She gets the chance to plan her own headlining tour, so she and her band can get out on the road. Living life on the road though is harder than she thought. Will Allie be able to keep up with her friendships and relationship while still living her dream out on the road, or will she lose it all?

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Drama, Novel



about 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

This chapter was excellent. I'm not sure what it was in particular, maybe getting to see happy Als on tour and talking to Sam? I liked that. And the unwritten song metaphor is great, too.


over 3 years ago Selena Brooks said:

ch 1: love it! I love Allie's personality so much haha


over 3 years ago meg said:



over 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

Getting inspired by Megan & Liz much? Also, Ruthie is awesome as always and I'm glad you're going to put up part of chapter 7 too!


Me 1963

over 3 years ago Linda D said:

C.R. – here you are with 92 comments and NO reviews – is that precedent for you? I have not read Allie Taylor so I don’t know the characters, and although that is a bad thing – that I haven’t read your book – it is a good thing too – because there are those readers who pick up a book out of order and it still should make sense to them – should still tell a story on its own.

You have introduced us with some names but no “faces” give us some of their character up front. Terrence Reed – did he read all that from his notes, did he walk around like he was trying to remember everything in his head. What does he look like? Is he older/young?

Eliza Burnson seems that she is going to be a major part antagonist in the story – I want to “See” her. She’s mad; show us her gestures, her facial expressions and what she wears - describe her to me. If she’s really young then my option of her is that she’s new to the business and doesn’t know what she talking about. If she ten years older than Allie, then yes, she probably does, but you need to show me that.

“Excuse me? It’s my album. I want that song on there.” - I want to see how Allie said this. Is she blasé as if she expects it to go her way, feet up on the conference table? Not even bothering to look at Eliza - OR - Did she shoot up and face Eliza, try and glare her down. You’ve got some great dialog there, but I want to see how people react to the words.

Kacie…piped up – did she tentative raise a finger, hoping people would notice? How did Eliza react to her interruption?

You get the idea – Show me reactions and brief description of the major payers – especially the band.