Dragon's Fire, Heart's Desire

Dragon's Fire, Heart's Desire

13 chapters / 47051 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


A girl named Cecile moves with her mother to Maine. She meets many new people along the way who lead her to another realm of creatures to find her destiny.


Jake uno

over 3 years ago Kacy said:

I like your story, could you read mine? (Doors to Amelon) It's kinda similar, but not really. I could use your help! Thanks a lot for the time!!!!


about 5 years ago D.C Marks said:

god I love your use of big words...its sounds all smartical :P


about 5 years ago Sayjay said:

Hahaha, fun story and all- you've got a really interesting idea- but in reality, main isn't very gray and rainy.


about 5 years ago Ninja Nourie said:

This is seriously the most awesome and coolest story I've ever read. I might admit that Cecile kept fainting before and is really bothersome, but other than that is so cool! I don't regret reading this story at all. I especially love the ending, a really happily ever after. You should make a sequel for this.

Nour M. Moustafa


Dragon girl

almost 4 years ago Violet Nightshade said:

I love your book, the characters are thought out well and have great personalities. You have some incorrect words like there instead of their, and some mispellings. The beginning where she first enters the world seems a little rushed, you should probably write it out more.

But like I said before your characters are well thought out. The plot of the book is also great as well. I hope you keep writing