Dark Happenings

Dark Happenings

4 chapters / 5986 words

Approximately 30 minutes to read


Roxy is living the BDSM life... owning her own kink club, she is content with life. Then she meets charming Dominant John Wolf.After a night of passion, he is gone the next morning. Roxy decides to go back to school and get a degree in creative writing a month later. But her creative writing professor wears a familiar face.


Romance, Novel



9 months ago gray said:

you can't stop there!!


10 months ago neko martinez said:

write more !!!


almost 2 years ago Sydney Trudeau said:

Please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Figgie by christy s

almost 4 years ago Lyric Mera Brand said:

This is very, well, you know ;) I like your characterization of Roxy and she seems like a very realistic and fun girl. I also like your tone and your writing description, your voice is very clear and it flows very well. I’d like to politely disagree with Rebekah (just my opinion of course!) on your word choice. All smutty kind of books I’ve read used the same word choice as you, I feel it really pulls your reader into the situation and shows your character’s voice well.

Overall, I think you have a good start.! (:


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