Dreams that Mask the Shadows

Dreams that Mask the Shadows

11 chapters / 16545 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Being the son of a fallen angel automatically makes you: a fallen angel. Joseph Parker is part of a secret organization dedicated to protecting humans from demons. He's been in the "family business" since he was a child and is used to following orders. Until he meets Kylie Zanders.
As far as Kylie is concerned, she's living a rather normal life. Going to school, hanging out with her best friend, and writing in a journal about all the magical abilities she’s suddenly experiencing. The moment she has a run in with a couple demons, she's suddenly thrown into a hidden world that she must learn to understand. Before long, chaos erupts in her life and she finds out her father is missing, her mother isn't really dead, and there are people out there that want to kill her.
As Joseph digs deeper into the depths of his father's organization, the truth is revealed about angels and demons and Kylie must choose which side she's really on.


Fantasy, Novel, Urban


Seeking light

over 1 year ago Headintheclouds said:


I like the quick pacing and you do a good job of packing in the important details: His and Sky’s past relationship, their mission, etc. You also get to the action right away. We get to face a demon! Also, great job with the male POV. Crits: Might want to consider a tag for the first line of dialogue to ground the reader. That gave me brief confusion that took me out of the story a little.


The best part of this chapt is her worry about who she is ‘whether she’s human’. Really caught my attention. Also her worry over her dad. This chapt’s not as tight as the previous. Had some meandering loose ends, but still enjoyable to read. When I get the time, I'll def be back for more :)


over 1 year ago AJSkye said:

Awesome story! Write MOOORRRRE!!!!


over 2 years ago Selena Brooks said:

I'd already read chapter one, so I read chapters two and three for ya :)

First of all, the guy with the silver eyes is creeping me out a lot! Secondly, I love Waylan's family dynamic. It's so perfect and it gives me as a reader such great insight into his life.

I didn't catch a single grammar error or typo, and I'm loving this so much! I know I keep saying this, but I absolutely have to catch up on this.

Great work!


over 2 years ago Matissa B. Phoenix said:

Hello Unicorn, this is where two Raes finally meet..... :D And I mean Rae spelled with an "e" at the end instead of a "y." I don't think I've actually ever met anyone else that spells it the same way lol. I haven't read anything past your PS request btw. When I do I'll leave another story related comment. Ta ta for now.



over 2 years ago Julianne said:


I read Chapter One & Two for your prize! This is really interesting so far. I like Waylan's character. I'm not sure exactly what was going on there, but it was really intriguing nonetheless.

I want more imagery though. It was good in some parts, but I want to know what Waylan and his dad look like - what the carnival looks like - the place where Waylan was spying on his dad looks like. I feel like this can add a lot of fluff and still be interesting and relevant to your story.

I think that you left a nice cliffhanger on chapter two. It definitely made me want to read more, so I think I will.

Nice job here :)


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about 3 years ago L. R. Bauer said:

Chapter Nine Review:

And so the plot thickens! I like that we get to learn more information about Kylie's parents, especially the fact that the person she has been living with may not be her mom.

I caught a few things while I was reading.

1) "…the teleportation itself happened way to fast." It should be "too."

2) "My father isn’t a Dreamcatcher too?" Put a comma after "Dreamcatcher."

3) "I’ve heard that the come in different colors." It should be "they come."

4) If some other woman replaced my mother, I think I would realize it if only because they would look different physically. The personality change Kylie sees and accepts until this point makes sense. Not realizing that the woman looks different physically doesn't make sense. Are the two women related? Did the Dreamcatchers do something to alter the way the woman looked to make her appear more like Kylie's mother?

I hope you find these suggestions helpful!