The Cry of the Crows

The Cry of the Crows

31 chapters / 90074 words

Approximately about 8 hours to read


Violet Kaloure is an extraordinary girl with an extraordinary destiny. Firstborn Princess of the royal family of Destral, she is the first female of royal lineage to have been born in the last thousand years, and has a lot of legacy to live up to. When a startling prophecy reveals the perfect right of passage ceremony for her to undertake, she sets out to prove herself worthy of the throne. But, many perilous twists and turns lie along the way, as her seemingly simple task is not all what it seems, and in attempting to save her kingdom, she may just as easily condemn it. Traversing an age old feud, unearthing an ancient secret, and finding herself at odds with mystical forces, Violet is put to the ultimate test, with the stakes higher than she can possibly imagine.


Fantasy, Novel, Adventure



over 2 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

The tone of your writing is very different. It's refreshing because it isn't the norm. I liked how it was like we were being told the story it worked well for the content of this piece. At first when you told your reader that the story begins and ends with murder I was like NO! spoiler alert! I would rather be surprised by the murder instead of having my mind "pre blown" if you will. I'm not sure it works for me. It makes me want to read on BUT I already know someone is gonna die so I just am trying to single out who will die. The whole beginning feels very intro-Hamlet-esqu if you get me.



about 1 month ago Zoyag said:

I'm on chapter seven, and so far, your book is great! There are a few issues with grammar, but the story itself is perfect how it is.


3 months ago Lana Willows said:

From your first line, you had me hooked. Your writing has a way of capturing a reader into the story, and I felt a strong connection with the plot and characters as I was reading. I'm currently only on the fifteenth chapter but I was really excited to write a review since I am liking it so much so here I go. I like the different personalities of the characters and the dialogue flowed well through the writing. I really enjoy your writing style as it adds to the mood and theme of the story. Be careful not to over elaborate on minor details, and remember that not everything needs and adjective. We are all guilty of this since we want the readers to see exactly what we are visualizing but sometimes it's better to leave some things up to their imagination since it can become overcluttered and difficult to read smoothly. Overall, this is a really good book and I can't wait to continue reading it. Well done!