7 chapters / 7382 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


Joan Shore is supposed to be the One Who Sees All Paths. Among all of the specifically bred Pathfinders of her school, she is the only outsider, and she has a destiny greater than all of them. But upon her graduation from the prestigious academy where she has been trained to see the future, she wonders if it was all a mistake. She is no better than the rest of them; in fact, she might just be the worst.


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almost 7 years ago Jess said:

this is incredible! I love it!


about 7 years ago Merit said:

This is really good, I hope more people hear about this, because it deserves more recognition. Please keep writing!


about 7 years ago ReggieWrites said:

Hey, this is genuinely a really good start to your novel! I'm loving it so far! I love the descriptions and the whole concept of a Pathfinder! The title is actually similar to my novel, Viewfinder...but the commonalities end there...mine's more realistic YA fiction =))) Anyway, good luck and keep up the good work! I'll be watching out for updates =)


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