The Trial of Mr. Wolf

The Trial of Mr. Wolf

1 chapter / 1379 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


In every fairy tale, the wolf always seems to play the villian. I figure that with all of the accusations against Mr. Wolf, it's time he got a fair trial...



about 4 years ago Lauren Gunter said:

This is hilarious!


about 4 years ago Michael Gunter said:

Oh, that was CLEVER! I wish half the stories on Figment were this good. That earned you a new follower.


over 4 years ago B Walter said:

You are the future! :) Of fairy tale retellings, that is. ;) Keep it up!


over 5 years ago Veronica White said:

Oh god, this is so awesome! I loved it! So well written!



about 6 years ago Taylor Nicole said:

Wow! I absolutely loved this story, it's so hard now-a-days to come up with an original adaption for such and old story but you nailed it. I could picture everything going on and it seemed so perfectly knitted together. I can not even tell you how much I loved this.


about 6 years ago Alex Luceli Jimenez said:

That was hilarious! New Spoon? Genius! That had to be my favorite part. All in all, I think you did a really, really good job at writing this story.