The Scars on Our Hearts

The Scars on Our Hearts

3 chapters / 7137 words

Approximately 36 minutes to read


A little knock off of Cinderella... With a twist. For Valentine's Day. :P
Ella knows all about scars, esp. the ones her father has given her. One night her school holds a school dance and she meets her Prince Charming, Henry.
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about 3 years ago Aaya Woods said:

I read only the first chapter, but I love the way that they meet, that instead of a big romantic dance, he spills punch on her and then helps her with her abusive father. Great job.


over 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

Aw. :)


over 3 years ago Day Dreamer said:

This is sooo cute! It gave me chills.


over 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

His ex is CRAZY!



about 3 years ago Julianna Ceron said:

I really love this short story. I like the way it relates to Cinderella's life. Your writing style definitely fits the story. The plot and character build was very well developed and there were no grammar mistakes at all :)


about 3 years ago Evangeline Rae said:

Wow, this is an adorable story. I really love the twist on Cinderella, you did it in a very unique way. It's great that you did it from Henry's point of view; I found it very interesting to see his thoughts, instead of hers. This story has great flow, and I found myself intrigued the entire time. They are just so adorable together. Amazing job, and I hope you update soon.