14 chapters / 16646 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Have you ever felt that in our world of imperfections it's almost impossible to find exactly what you want? Well, fear no more. We are now introducing our new invention, Cybermatics! We take what you want and program it into a robot who will do what you want, and only that. We could have the robot sent to you within as little as two days, but hurry now, the robots are going fast and resources are running low. The only way your going to get your hands on that perfect someone is to call now!

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over 5 years ago Haylenie Armando said:

That was probably the best escape scene I've ever read. I'm jealous.

Writing picture

over 5 years ago Kirsten said:

Great plot so far! Loved the interesting concept and the details you added to make the whole story seem more realistic. Good story, keep it up. :)


almost 6 years ago Calli said:


Archery anime

almost 6 years ago Abby J. said:

um.. i read this book.. from my library... copier.



over 5 years ago Nora Lilly Ember said:

That was great. I love how you turned the story around and made the main character one of the cybermatics, truely amazing. You should really think about writing some more and maybe making the part with the "dream" easier to understand.


over 5 years ago Winter Gregory said:

Overall, it was a very cool read that has given me some inspiration. In the 4th chapter, you wrote "luck" instead of "lucky". I have only gotten that far, but I can't wait to finish reading!