14 chapters / 16646 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Have you ever felt that in our world of imperfections it's almost impossible to find exactly what you want? Well, fear no more. We are now introducing our new invention, Cybermatics! We take what you want and program it into a robot who will do what you want, and only that. We could have the robot sent to you within as little as two days, but hurry now, the robots are going fast and resources are running low. The only way your going to get your hands on that perfect someone is to call now!

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over 5 years ago GuardianAngel said:

Where do you find these kinda pictures? Great story!!

Dscn5669 - copy

over 5 years ago Sarah the Invisible said:

Are you going to write more?!


over 5 years ago Summer Breeze said:

Please keep writing!!


over 5 years ago Shantelle Andrews said:

That was awesome!!! I want to



almost 6 years ago Lahevet said:

Just some comments on chapter 1, and the general idea: I love the idea (for a story – not for reality). Instead of “it was playing…non stop” (non stop, by the way, is one word or dashed), specify that “it” is the commercial. Even though it is clear that you are discussing the commercial, you are in a new paragraph. I think that you should take out the whole “it didn’t work out, dad died, then mom died…” in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs – you pretty much just gave away the whole story: keep the mystery! It would be better to see the story unfold and for the reader to discover everything, rather than just have the narrator say all. Cheers, Lev Please check out my writing blog and subscribe


about 6 years ago Scarlett Symphony said:

I love this!! I really loved reading it!! But, I believe some chapters are blocked. There were a couple errors, but I'm sure someone has already told you what those were!! I was ready this book before I joined Figment. As a matter of fact, your book was one of the reasons I I could comment on it, and tell you. Except this is a review, like I'm a REAL critic. So, I gave you 2 thumbs up, and 4.5 stars!! 4.5 because of the repetitive grammar issue. Other than that, you get a gold star and a smiley face, :D.