In Love With a Writer

In Love With a Writer

1 chapter / 398 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


My entry for the Figment In Love contest. Three hundred and ninety eight words.


Romance, Short Story



almost 4 years ago Payton M. said:

I nearly began to weep at this! It's so beautiful and it makes me really think my own characters. This was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't find any errors, but that may be because of how drawn in I was to this writing!


almost 4 years ago Courtney Bates said:

Very Nice! :)


almost 4 years ago Lavender Lynette said:

little tears spring to mine eyes as I read this! Lovely writing, I wish you the best of luck in the contest!


almost 4 years ago Jo said:




almost 4 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

This was lovely! Fantastic idea, very original in my opinion. The sadness of the character was really interesting and refreshing to read about, and I liked his sarcasm about the other character he was forced to love- e.g. placing the ring "lovingly" on her finger. The idea that he loved his creator, and the parts about hoping the author remembers that he loves her more than her fans, I found it all very well written and effective. Wonderful story, I loved every line!


almost 4 years ago Jordan Harvey said:

This was really well written. Although it closely resembles the other stories in the contest the writing style is clever and it is so far the best that I've read pertaining to the idea of a book falling in love with it's reader/writer. The idea isn't super original but I enjoyed it and think it has a good shot in the contest.