Edith's Photograph

Edith's Photograph

1 chapter / 994 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


My entry for the Backwards Contest. Edith, an elderly woman recalls her relationship with her late husband to a young listener.


Writing, Romance



over 6 years ago Maggie Warren said:

Wow. Just wow. This an amazing, sentimental piece. VERY nice job! I love the descriptions, and the simplicity of the scene. I love the voice, and just how the whole story rolls. This is definitely one of my favorite stories on Figment!


over 6 years ago Jennifer Hoffman said:

This is beautiful, lovely, and amazing. Great work!


over 6 years ago Eileen Dobbs said:

Very nice. For telling a story backwards it flowed well.


over 6 years ago Dale Blackburn said:

Really enjoyed this entry. Great voicing and beautifully descriptive. Great job and good luck.


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over 4 years ago KateCBP said:

This is so beautiful and nostalgic... it's also very relatable, all of us can see our 'grandmas' in the main character's place. The tone used to describe how she feels and how she remembers Howard is perfect, and this is one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever read. I think you should definitely continue this, I'd love to read further. Anyway, congratulations on such a great story, it's a wonderful piece and quite a tear-jerker!