5 chapters / 1740 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


In the world of virtuality nothing is real. Life is a game and everything is perfect. Workers called caretakers keep everything in order and maintain the world of choices and perfection that citizens inhabit. But when something goes wrong and three teens suddenly wake up, they'll have to face the real world for the first time. And they are in no way prepared for what they will find there. Especially as they are caught up in the caretakers underworld and the secrets of the past and how this future came to be.
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almost 6 years ago Cascata said:

Isn't this nearly exactly the same as "The Matrix"? I mean, that is what happens in it. :/


almost 6 years ago ~Michelle said:

I like it:) The imagery is really good, especially in the first chapter. My only advice would be to add some more details because its a bit confusing in some places. But still, its really good!


almost 6 years ago Heather Strauss said:

Really enjoyed this story so far. Will definitely be following it! Good job. :)

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almost 6 years ago Lily Grace said:

I read the first two chapters and I thought it was great. I'll try to keep reading!


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almost 6 years ago Rachel W ❤ said:

All I have to say is more, more, and more! WRITE MORE!!!

I really want to know what happens next!!! This was amazing! I loved it.


over 6 years ago Venven said:

Aaaaah I need more! Is this sort of based off of the Matrix? It seems like it. I have no negative comments for you. Please continue!